Clothes Make the Tribute Artist

STOCKTON, CA.  Authenticity is key to being a successful tribute artist (TA).  Clothing, unique to an artist, is essential to the TA.  Just like an interview where you dress for success a TA must also dress for success.  Fans will judge the accuracy of your clothing and determine your authenticity for their experience.  Accurate, authentic clothing is expensive.  Elvis jumpsuits, for example, can be in the thousands of dollars unless you can find someone with the talent to make the clothes for you.

Tracie Bottini-Zusman

Tracie Bottini-Zusman is such a person whose experience and passion for sewing spans almost 4o years.  Her inspiration to become a professional seamstress came from Rush Limbaugh.  According to Tracie, Rush said on his syndicated radio program,  “If you can’t find a job that you love and fits your needs, create one.”

She did just that.  Facing some tough, life challenges from a son diagnosed with mild autism and finding herself jobless, Tracie needed to do something.  She placed an ad at a local Cloth World store (now JoAnn’s) and her bold, step of faith yielded her first client five days later.

Twenty years later Tracie has a lengthy list of clients needing her skills to make clothing from weddings to stage wear to every day styles.  Today, many ETAs, several local bands, fans, friends, and individuals wear her designs and  have said great things about her work.

Original Tracie Bottini-Zusman Design

Her prices are reasonable and competitive with other customized clothiers.  (Prices are subject to change without notice.)

  • $100 Speedway Jackets for men and women.
  • $35 and up for puffy, sleeved shirts like Elvis wore in Elvis on Tour.
  • $$250 Gold Lame Jackets.  $350 for a Gold Lame suit.
  • $150 for other Elvis jackets, blazers.
  • $75 for pants.

This is only a sampling of Tracie’s talents for the types of customized clothing she can design and make.  In fact, she told me “I can make anything.”  Her work speaks for itself.

Contact Tracie at 714.530.2825 or 714.305.9912 for your customized, clothing designs and pricing.

ETA pictured:  Martin Anthony.


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