It’s a Tough Way to Make a Living

GRACELAND, TN.  Elvis Presley takes second spot on Forbe’s magazine top earning dead musicians.

Elvis Presley was second on the list with $55 million, while Bob Marley took third with $17 million. Along with the 75 million albums the reggae legend has sold over the past 20 years, Marley’s estate has diversified with the launch of the Marley Beverage company and House of Marley, which makes eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products.

Looks like there is still a niche market for ETAs to earn a living at least for the next 25-30 years.  Personally, I believe the whole ETA industry will be shelved in about 25-30 years because everyone who personally knew Elvis, or saw him in concert, will either be dead or too old to carry on the memory.  Michael Jackson tribute artists will still be around and popular.

Zombie Elvis by Chuck Hodi

Long Live Rock & Roll


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