Luna’s Unchained Melody

MISSION VIEJO, CA.  TCB Flash Band rocked Lago Restaurant with guest pianist, Aaron Majers, filling in for their regular pianist.  Majers is an accomplished musician with a huge repertoire of music, especially songs made popular by Elvis, which is probably the reason fans were treated to Unchained Melody. 

Chris Luna singing Unchained Melody

Elvis recorded a live version of the song on his last album, Moody Blue. When he sings it the words come across as a plea for unrequited love, wait for me, wait for me, then with a promise, I’ll be coming home; wait for me. There is a longing in his voice as it traces the haunting melody into the final soprano of the last stanza. It almost sounds like he is drawing from a deep well of emotion filled by the only woman Elvis ever truly loved. One wonders if he was singing to Priscilla and sending her a message only she understood.  Well, that is my romantic view of the song.

Elvis’ rendition of Unchained Melody is either done really well or really awful by ETAs.  It’s a power ballad Elvis sings with a baratone, dappled with falsetto, then hitting soprano at the end.  It’s a tough song to sing.  If done right it will be an exciting, powerful song sang with honest emotion.  Sing it wrong and it is boring , bland and almost puts in you a coma.  Unchained Melody is one of those songs that will determine whether an ETA will win or lose in a contest.

Chris Luna surprised us with his first public performance of Unchained Melody with the TCB Flash Band on October 06th.  Luna seemed to draw from his emotion, exposed a bit of vulnerability and shared it with us all.  Lago is a small venue, but Luna sang as if he were singing it before thousands and connected with the audience.  Afterwards you were left with wanting more from Luna.

Chris Luna and the TCB Flash Band play again at Lago Restaurant on November 10th.  Maybe he’ll surprise us again with another ballad like Just Pretend. – Show cancelled.

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