One Historic Night With You

LAS VEGAS, NV.  It was December 04, 1956.  The ambient temperature was °60 making for a  comfortable evening which only required a light jacket or sweater to keep off the chill.  In a tiny recording studio near the corner of Union Ave and Riverside Drive, parallel to the famed blues, music mecca on Beale St. in Memphis, TN; the top four recording musicians came together to make music history.

Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, each in their prime, full of youthful energy, jam together for one night.  Each one having a turn at the mic as the night progressed.

I don’t know what brought them together that night.  Whether it was an impromptu accident or a providential, purposeful meeting really doesn’t matter.  For one night the boys got together, had a few drinks, smoked a few cigarettes, and maybe pulled a few pranks on each other as they sorted out their egos.  Egos laid aside, Johnny and Carl picked their guitars for a jam, then the rebellious Jerry Lee joined in with the piano followed by Elvis as he grabbed a mic and sang in his unique, iconic style.

In an understatement, it was an awesome event to witness.  The Tony-nominated musical, Million Dollar Quartet, has captured this awesome night for us.  For 90 minutes we join in on the jam session, sing along with the music and rock with them all.


2 thoughts on “One Historic Night With You

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