Elvis in Wax

LAS VEGAS, NV.  Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum houses the most famous of celebrities morbidly embalmed in wax and fiberglass bodies for all time.  Looky loos, like myself, express amazement on each celebrity’s stature since they all seem bigger than life on screen and stage.  It sort of, almost, puts a bit a reality to the oft quoted, garrulous celebrity statement:  “I’m just like everyone else.”  This phrase always has a bullish scent of excrement when I hear the rich and famous utter it.

For me, at least, the museum is a reminder our idols are merely ordinary humans, with extraordinary talents, who just got that lucky break that can happen to any of us.  Reality TV is a testament to the pool of talent of ordinary folk getting their lucky break.  Ordinary folks with admirable and infamous character.  But it is their character which will determine their impact on American culture.  Most will probably be regulated to caricatures like the cast of New Jersery Shore.

Elvis Presley is among the waxy embalmed, dressed so fine in a black jumpsuit and flashing a boyish smile to fans.  The likeness is amazing considering the wax image was designed using only photos and clothing measurements to create the wax figure.

Having never seen Elvis perform live in concert I wondered what effect a life-sized, fiberglass, wax image would have on me.  It had no affect on me other than an admiration for the image.  Nevertheless it was fun taking pictures.  Momentarily, I entered the world of make-believe and joined Elvis on stage.  That was pretty cool.

Me & EP

I think I see a twinkle of approval in Elvis’ eye, but this is make believe.


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