Memories of Elvis

NORCO, CA.  Norco is Riverside County’s horse capital of the Inland Empire with a rich farm and ranch history.

Norco was developer Rex Clark’s vision of a utopian settlement of independent
farmers reaping the rewards of their hard work on small farms and ranches. Clark
saw Norco as a refuge for city dwellers—no boss, no commute, no postage
stamp-sized apartment—just fresh air and the satisfaction of making your own way
in the world.

Adding to Norco’s history is another American icon with a menu of delicious foods, Bob’s Big Boy; and the location for Joe Bullock’s recent Memories of Elvis concert.

Bullock’s own memories of Elvis began as a young boy in Greene, IA where he watched the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii television concert.  Elvis captivated the young Joe Bullock and held his attention throughout his life, culminating into donning the famous jumpsuits.

Donning those jumpsuits would take a backseat as Bullock pursued sports, a stint in the Army, and other life pursuits.  Hanging out with a group of friends, who enjoyed belting out songs at local karaoke clubs, Bullock finally got the nerve.  With a little help from his friends, he started singing to karaoke tracks and the ETA foundation was laid.

Over the next five years Bullock continued to sing karaoke and build upon the foundation.  His next evolution for his future ETA career came through taking the next bold step of participating in the annual Creme de la King contest in Orange County.  Bigger venue, more fans, but it was the confidence boost he needed to finally take it professional.

JB, as he is known by, is new to the ETA world with two years of professional experience under his jumpsuit belt.  He’s had a few big contest wins, adding to his confidence and his developing talents.

I came across JB during the 2011 Creme de la King contest as he sweated under the hot August sun in the ’68 leathers.  He was a handsome guy with blue eyes and natural brown hair shaped in the familiar pompadour and sideburns.  However, he didn’t make an impression on me and was soon forgotten. (Sorry JB.)

Fast forward to Pala Resort Spa & Casino for the 2012 Ultimate ETA Preliminary Contest when JB placed in the top five and took home second place.  Wow!  Huge improvement from last summer.   JB had my attention…and my wife’s attention.  He was serious about becoming a great ETA and it was obvious he had worked on improving his performances and that’s exciting.

It’s exciting because JB is a local ETA who calls Corona home with his beautiful wife, Gina.  Corona neighbors my city, Riverside, and provides ample opportunity to observe an upcoming ETA and watch his progress.  (Sounds like some kind of mad scientist experiment, doesn’t it?)  At any rate, Bob’s Big Boy was my first time watching JB put on his own show.  Aside from a few technical difficulties, it was a great show.  He engaged the fans, really connecting with them, and put on an energetic show.   His signature move is the Suspicious Minds split when JB gets way, way on down to the ground.  It’s a fan favorite.

JB continues to improve as an ETA.  He is taking guitar lessons, darkened his hair, recently purchased a new jumpsuit, and is increasing his repertoire of songs.  It also sounds like he is improving his singing and looks like he is studying Elvis’ mannerisms.  JB is one to watch.

Click here to watch JB sing Polk Salad Annie.

Joe Bullock’s booking details:

Phone:  714.420.2588


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