The Hit that Almost Wasn’t

GRACELAND.  An article in the Wall Street Journal tells the story about the events surrounding the recording of Elvis’ last number one hit Suspicious Minds. 

In the late 1960s, as the landscape of rock and soul shifted underneath him,
Elvis Presley’s career began to sputter. Then, some headway: A TV special in
December 1968 rekindled interest, and the following month Presley headed into
the studio to record what would become “From Elvis in Memphis”—a rock-soul album that is still considered one of his finest. “In the Ghetto” from those sessions went to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. And 43 years ago this week, a Memphis recording that didn’t make the album was released as a single. “Suspicious Minds” went to No. 1 in November 1969. It led to Presley’s “comeback,” albeit one that would later play out largely in Las Vegas.

Can you imagine an Elvis without Suspicious Minds?  What would ETAs do?

Check out the original recording by original songwriter, Mark James.  (Alleged original recording because everything you read, hear, and see on the net is always for real.)


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