Elvis is Found Alive

FULLERTON, CA.  Revived after a 35 year cryogenic state by Col. Tom Parker’s nephew, Chet Parker, and Vegas Network CEO, Vic Vegas, the King of Rock and Roll lives again.

Elvis Presley suffered a massive drug overdose on August 16, 1977, but Col.  Tom Parker was able to revive Elvis and whisked him away to a secret compound to recover and detox.  Four weeks after his recovery, and tired of being Elvis, Presley saw his opportunity and escaped the compound.

Presley checked himself into an experiemental cyrogenic program under the name of Aron King and had his body placed in a cryogenic freeze.  Prior to the procedure he contacted the Colonel, told him his plans, which the Colonel documented and taped to the bottom of his desk.  Thirty five years later, Chet Parker discovered the letter, contacted the Vegas Network and made a deal with Vic Vegas to revive Elvis for the greatest comeback ever seen.

Presley successfully returned to reign again as the King of Rock & Roll.  However, it would be a long road and uphill battle for him to regain his throne.  Before he could take the stage again he would have to lose an expensive lawsuit proving his identity, deal with tampered DNA tests, overcome being manipulated by Chet Parker and Vic Vegas, and become a fitness freak to loose the gut.  Once over the mountain, Elvis Presley was ready to take control of his life and sing for us again.  This comeback would be more astounding than 1968, but shorter lived.  Some men cannot just live and let go.

The King is the rock & roll musical about the return of Elvis Presley 35 years after his faked death.  The story was written and directed by Maverick Theater owner, Brian Newell and produced with Jim Book.  The King closes its 10 year run on September 15th.


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