Adios Viva Elvis!

LAS VEGAS, NV.  Viva Elvis is a spectacular show of acrobatic ability by the cast of Cirque du Soleil.  The show draws you into the life and music of Elvis and takes you on an energetic ride of nostalgic joy.  The rockin’ musical made you want to stand up, sing, clap, and dance in the isle.

The only part of the show which distracted the audience from music, and the acrobats,was the stripper pole dance.  It was completely unnecessary and tainted the show.  Elvis’ sex appeal is evident, always has been, and the licentious, provocative expression of this in the show stained it.

Nevertheless it’s been 58 years since Heartbreak Hotel became Elvis’ first number one hit and 35 years since the last song he sang live in concert.  Yet, his impact on music and people is felt to this day.   Viva Elvis draws out these strong emotions and created a longing for the magical, mystique of Elvis, momentarily capturing it.  Then it was lost as it always is lost because no matter the powerful grandeur of the representation it will always fall short and inadequate to the real thing.

Viva Elvis plays its encore performance on August 31.  Adios!


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