Sizzlin’ Irvine Chili Fest & Car Show

Banuelos, Garcia, Carrow, Castro

IRVINE, CA.  Irvine Lake hosted their annual chili cook off and car show Saturday, July 28th.  It was a nice crowd of  folks moseying about tasting chili, casting their votes, and shopping about the various vendors present.

The scent of grilling hot dogs wafted in the air tempting the palate and the warm temperatures encouraged people to sample the cold beer.  The pina colada drinks poured into hulled pineapples were particularly pleasing and delicious.

Several local bands played music as we waited for the Elvis tribute show to begin.  Elvis Tribute Artists Bob ‘E Castro, Ernie Ramirez, Brad Carrow, Ceaser Garcia, and Joe Banuelos were all there to entertain us with the iconic music of the King of Rock & Roll.

Ramirez, Garcia, Castro

Castro started the tribute show first.  Decked out in black, he sang a few songs from the concert years.  He looked good and so did his car which provided some great photo shots.  Castro was followed by Ernie Ramirez covering the early years while wearing the gold lamé jacket.

Brad Carrow also covered the early years wearing a pink blazer.  He treated us to a number of the rarely covered Elvis songs and a few Elvis movie tunes.  Those are always a treat.  Carrow has a nice, smooth voice and I think he could do a great Sinatra tribute.  He has  tough guy look with a crooner’s voice just like Sinatra.

Ceasar Garcia was plagued with technical difficulties as he covered the concert years in the fringe jumpsuit.  Unfortunately, we only had the opportunity to hear a few songs before everything went to pat.

The youngest ETA was 17 year old Joe Banuelos covering the early years.  Despite his age, Banuelos  is a veteran ETA with a number of years behind him having taken a few lessons from another popular, great ETA.  I’ve known Banuelos for a couple of years and he has the talent to become a great ETA, but needs to harness more discipline to make his career take off.  Nevertheless, he put on a great show.

It was an entertaining afternoon with friends.  Our thanks to Davidson Productions who provided the entertainment.


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