Double Trouble

SANTA ANA, CA.  Elvis fans and Tim McGraw fans were treated to a double headliner by singer and tribute artist Dave Hoover.  It was also a special treat for Hoover.  He is a new dad with the birth of his baby girl and the return of Tina Altman who had been hospitalized for several months for a serious medical condition.  Altman was in good spirits and seemed to be recovering well.

I’ve seen Hoover sing as McGraw before and it was great performance.  It’s unfortunate he doesn’t have a band and must use music tracks, but bands are expensive.  Hoover is good enough with a great stage charisma and knows how to engage the audience.  His last performance at Original Mike’s in Santa Ana, CA was a bit lackluster because he was still in new daddy and newlywed mode.  Singers, like writers, tend to express their emotions through their art and Hoover is no different.  A lot of the songs were McGraw’s ballads which he sung mostly to his wife and baby rather than the audience.  Nevertheless it was a good performance.

The second half of the show Hoover changed gears and transformed into Elvis and transformed the performance.  Dressed as Steve Grayson from the Elvis movie Speedway he sang a number of show tunes and some great upbeat, gospel songs.  It was this unique version of Elvis that turned us on to Hoover when he performed the same set at the 2011 Elvis Fest at the Orange County Marketplace.

Dave Hoover is one the best tribute artist performing today and is worth watching.

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